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About The Maples Corner

Welcome to The Maples Corner, a place where cherished memories come to life through the magic of storytelling. Our journey began with the creation of "Gigi's Little Dreamer," a heartwarming tale that explores the special bond between a mother and her granddaughter. As the author, my aim was to craft stories that encapsulate the essence of our family, creating timeless moments to be shared with others. "Gigi's Little Dreamer" paints a vivid picture of the joyous activities at grandparents' houses, from scavenger hunts to fashion shows and baking adventures. Our collection extends to include "Chloe's ABCs," an affirmation coloring book, and "Chloe and Her New Farm Friends," a delightful story of friendship and exploration alongside her companion, Luca. Our latest release, "Write with Me," invites you into the world of handwriting through a notebook filled with illustrations of our beloved characters, offering a glimpse into the exciting tales to come. Each book within The Maples Corner is a celebration of milestones and experiences, and we sincerely hope that you find joy in joining us on this exciting literary journey.



This is such a cute and exciting story for the little ones! It is well-written, fun, and absolutely captivating! We all have grandmothers and can feel that love flowing through the pages! The illustrations are beyond amazing. I can’t wait to see and read more from this writer and artist collaboration.

Amazon Customer 

Love it!! What better way to share this amazing book than with the little dreamers in daycare.

Coach Fe

My 2 year old daughter was caught, instantly, by the colors in this book. Each page offers vibrant animation and my toddler was engaged. From dresses and tiaras to tennis courts, this book offers a wide array of interest for any girl dreaming of wonder. I highly recommend this book!

Asha A.

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