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                  Author Carmen Maples

Welcome to The Maples Corner!
Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Carmen always had a love for reading. From weekly trips to the library on Saturday mornings and accelerating in reading programs in school, she always wanted to be an author one day. When Carmen became a first-time mom, she struggled to find children's books that had little girls that looked like her daughter, Chloe. This lack of diversity inspired her to write a book, "Gigi’s Little Dreamer," about Chloe and her Gigi's relationship. In the book, Carmen reflected on her childhood memories along with the ones her daughter and grandmother were making currently. Carmen hopes that "Gigi’s Little Dreamer," will allow other children to dream and enjoy.
Her literary adventures have since led her to craft an affirmation coloring book titled "Chloe's ABCs" and a heartwarming picture book titled "Chloe and her New Farm Friends." These stories are not just tales but windows into Carmen's world. At the heart of each narrative lies her cherished daughter, Chloe, whose vibrant spirit and insatiable curiosity serve as the driving force behind these creations. 
Prepare to be enchanted, inspired, and immersed in the whimsical world of Chloe and her adventures, brought to life through Carmen's artistic storytelling. Thank you for visiting The Maples Corner, where imagination and memories dance on the pages of each book.

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